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Newton Fund

Cra[to] Lab - 'Linking micro & macro scale deformation features with experimental and modelling techniques for fractured carbonate reservoirs & beyond" Dr Tiago Miranda and Dr Stephanie Zihms on location at Spireslack, Ayrshire Dr Stephanie Zihms, Postdoctoral Research Associate (Institute of Petroleum Engineering), has successfully secured a grant of £12000 from the Royal Academy of Engineering… Sigue leyendo Newton Fund



Research Gate:     2018   Quantifying aperture, spacing and fracture intensity in a carbonate reservoir analogue: Crato Formation, NE Brazil Download: Miranda et al 2018    Stratigraphic Relations of the Ipubi Formation: Siliciclastic-Evaporitic Succession of the Araripe Basin Download: Fabin et al 2018   2017 ASPECTOS TECTÔNICOS DA BORDA NE DA BACIA DE FÁTIMA, PROVÍNCIA BORBOREMA,… Sigue leyendo Publications